Mountains’ Fjord Catamaran Ride

September to April

If you cancel your booking until 6 days before the beginning of the activity, we will refund 100% of the advance you paid for the booking.

Free cancellation

You can reschedule your booking without any additional cost until 6 days before the beginning of the activiity.

Free rescheduling

Take the Mountains’ Fjord Catamaran Ride and visit five glaciers from the catamaran, inside the Kawesqar National Park. Guide and meals included.

Price per person:

from CLP$ 250.000 per person.


06:15 am to 05:00 pm and 06:30 am to 05:00 pm


11 hours and a half.

Minimum of passengers

Departure from 16 passengers.

Meeting Point:

Pedro Montt 380, Muelle Prat (EPA), near the Costaustralis Hotel, Puerto Natales.


navigation, bilingual guide (Spanish and English), breakfast, lunch and pickup at your accommodation (urban area) only for VIP cabin.

What to bring:

warm clothing, comfortable shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, water, winter hat and gloves for the cold and comfortable clothing.


In case of suspension for weather conditions, we will refund 100% of your payment.

subject to weather conditions.

Cancellation and rescheduling policy:

6 days.

If you cancel your booking until 6 days before the beginning of the activity, we will refund 100% of the advance you paid for the booking.



  • Tourist cabin:
  • Adult: CLP$ 250.000 per person.
  • Child (age 5 to 12): CLP$ 125.000 per person.
  • VIP cabin:
  • Adult: CLP$ 300.000 per person.
  • Child (age 5 to 12): CLP$ 150.000 per person.


We will meet in the pier of Puerto Natales, place in which we will board the catamaran to start this journey through the Patagonian fjords. This Mountains’ Fjord Catamaran Ride will take you through the Almirante Montt Gulf and the Santa María Channel in which you will watch the cliffs and some of the most important mounts also, like the Monte Burney, a stratovolcano covered with ice in the Sarmiento Peninsula.

From the Sarmiento Range five glaciers are shed: Zamudio, Bernal, Herman, Paredes and Alsina. Every one of them is characterized for having moraines, cliffs and evergreen forests around, besides being surrounded by mountains covered in ice and snow that, in some cases, reach 6,200 feet of altitude. In every one of the glaciers the catamaran will stop so you can watch and take pictures from the deck, if the weather allows it.

After visiting the Alsina Glacier, maybe the most stunning because of the height of its frontal walls, you will return following the same channel and leave the Kawesqar National Park behind, but the landscape changes though, because of the light, so you will see something completely different of what you saw when going there. After 11 hours navigating, in which besides visiting the pristine landscapes, you will have access to breakfast, lunch and an afternoon coffee, you will return to Puerto Natales to end the activity.




  • Tourist cabin: 96 seats, outdoor cabin and one option of lunch (vegetarian or with protein).
  • VIP Cabin: 16 seats, outdoor cabin, pickup at your accommodation (urban area) and three options of lunch (we will contact you a few days before your tour so you can choose your option).

*Departures are confirmed with minimum 20 passengers. Once you book, in case we don’t have the minimum of passengers, it will be awaiting confirmation.

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