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If you cancel your booking until 48 hours before the beginning of the activity, we will refund 100% of the advance you paid for the booking.

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Activity for anyone with a diving certification who wants to enjoy the underwater landscapes of the Pacific Ocean. Includes two dives.

Price per person:

US$ 100.00 por persona.


7:30 AM to 12:00 PM


4 hours and a half.


Shared transport, Bilingual instructor (Spanish and English), Scuba diving equipment and Navigation

What to bring:

Comfortable clothing, Bathing suit, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Hat to protect against the sun, Towel and Change of clothes

Not included:

Food, Pickup at the hotel (urban area) and Travel insurance (recommended)


Minimum age required of 10 years old, Know how to swim and Scuba diving certification

Cancellation and rescheduling policy:

24 hours.

We will meet at our meeting point to take a vehicle to the Los Órganos pier. From here, we will be able to visit the places to enjoy traditional diving close to the city of Máncora. You may choose between the following places:

  • Abandoned oil rigs:
    • Artificial reefs that are home to different fish and animals. During the season from July to October, the whales that visit the Peruvian coasts can be heard singing. Diving ranges from 5 meters (approx. 16 feet) for beginners, to dives at 30 to 40 meters (approx. 98 to 131 feet) for the most experienced divers.
  • El Ñuro Beach:
    • This beach can be reached by foot or by boat, and there is abundant marine life around the pier. You can see sea turtles, rays, seahorses, and a variety of fish, among other animals. It is intended for divers with any level of experience.
  • The Órganos pier and Baja de Punta Veleros:
    • Like the previous option, it is accessible by boat or by foot. Here you can see large schools of fish and seahorses that are especially large in size. It is intended for divers with any level of experience.
  • Peña Mala – Vichayito:
    • This place can only be reached by boat. It has two rock formations with many tropical fish of different colors and with stripes. During whale season, you can hear them singing under the water. It is intended for divers with any level of experience.

After the two dives in the chosen place, we will start the trip back to Máncora to end the activity.

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US$ 100.00