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Every booking that you make in Denomades gives you LATAM Pass Miles.

Earn 1 Mile for every CLP$ 2,500 spent in tours and programs booked through Denomades.

You just enter your LATAM Pass membership number before paying.

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What is the LATAM Pass program?

LATAM Pass is a benefits' program for passengers of LATAM Airlines, in which passengers earn Miles for flying with LATAM and buying in partner shops, Denomades between them. Miles earned can be redeemed on LATAM flight tickets, as well as other products and services in the LATAM Pass catalogue.

How do I earn LATAM Pass Miles when traveling with Denomades?

When you fill in the passengers' data, just before paying online, we will ask your LATAM Pass membership number (in case of Chilean passengers it is the RUT).

How many LATAM Pass Miles do I earn when traveling with Denomades?

You will earn 1 Mile for every CLP$ 2.500 spent in tours and programs booked through Denomades. Cancelled and refunded bookings before traveling will not be considered.

How long does it take to see the LATAM Pass Miles in my account?

You will see the corresponding Miles in your account after 45 business days since the date in which your itinerary of booked services ended.

How can I verify if the LATAM Pass Miles are in my account?

To see the Miles, you have to enter to your LATAM Pass account in

I'm not a LATAM Pass member. How can I participate of the program?

Only members of LATAM Pass in Chile can participate of this program. Being part of the program has no cost, you only have to sign up