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Every booking that you make in Denomades gives you LATAM Pass Miles.

Earn 1 Mile for every CLP$ 2,500 spent in the total prices.

You should just enter your LATAM Pass member number before making the payment.

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Frequent questions

What is the LATAM Pass program?

LATAM Pass is a program of benefits for passengers of LATAM Airlines, in which the passengers earn Miles for flying with LATAM and buying in member stores, among them, Denomades. The Miles earned can be exchanged later for flying tickets of LATAM and the associated airlines of the Oneworld alliance, as well as another kind of products and services.

How can I earn LATAM Miles when booking in Denomades?

In the online booking steps, just before making the online payment, we will ask for your LATAM Pass Frequent Member Number (for Chilean passengers, this number is the RUT).

How many LATAM Pass Miles do I earn when booking with Denomades?

You will earn 1 Mile for every CLP$ 2,500 spent in Denomades’ services. We will consider the total prices for earning effects, and not the required deposit for the online booking.

How long does it take for the LATAM Pass Miles to be charged into my account?

The charge of the corresponding Miles to your account will be after 65 business days from the date in which the booked itinerary of services is ended.

How can I check that the LATAM Pass Miles have been charged into my account?

To check the Miles earning, you must enter to your LATAM Pass account

I’m not a LATAM Pass member. ¿How can I participate in this program?

Only members of the chilean LATAM Pass program can participate in this program. Be part of the program without any charge. You just have to register