Terms and conditions

Check our terms and conditions before making use of the services offered in our website. It is understood that every person that uses the services offered in our website has read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions and, therefore, the booking is subject to the exposed below.

Booking of activities

To book an activity, the user must read, understand and accept the conditions that every activity has. This information is displayed in the detail of every activity. Once one of the activities is chosen, you must book indicating the date, time and number of people that will make the activity. After that, the purchase process will begin through Webpay or Paypal, or bank transfer, accordingly.

If the booked activity is marked as automatic, the buyer will receive, once the purchase is already made, an e-mail with an attached voucher that confirms the booking. If the activity is marked as subject to confirmation, after the payment data through Paypal or WebPay are confirmed, the charge to the buyer's credit card will be suspended, and it will not be done until the denomades.com team confirm the availability from the respective supplier. Once confirmed, the charge to the credit card will be done and a voucher will be sent to the buyer's e-mail confirming the booking. In case there were no availability, the booking will be cancelled and no charge will be done to the buyer's credit card. Along with this, an e-mail will be sent informing there is no availability in the chosen date.

If all the services booked have automatic confirmation, you will receive a "Confirmed itinerary" e-mail. In case some of the services booked are subject to confirmation, you will receive in your e-mail an "Itinerary subject to confirmation", which will be confirmed within the next 48 hours, as long as exists the corresponding availability.

The main passenger of the booking must reach the destination where the activity will be made with the confirmation voucher of his or her booking, which can be presented in digital format in his or her mobile phone. With this, in case there is a pending balance to be payed, the passenger should pay the corresponding amount directly to the supplier through the payment methods accepted by the supplier.

Payment methods

To use the booking services offered in our website, the user must make an online payment with his or her credit card, debit card or bank transfer. In case the user experience some kind of error with the transaction made through this payment methods, Denomades commits to follow the required steps before the responsibles to help the user to solve the problems.

Purchase cancellation

We understand that may exist different reasons for what a user must cancel the already made purchase. If the cancellation is made inside the stipulated times in the cancellation policy of the corresponding activity, Denomades will refund the total payment made for the booking. The cancellation policy is indicated in the description of the corresponding activity and the confirmation voucher of the booking. Every cancellation request must be made exclusively by e-mail at reservas@denomades.com. Any cancellation request made by another medium will not be considered.

The supplier also can cancel a booking for its own reasons or reasons of force majeure. In that case, Denomades will contact the user by e-mail to notify the cancellation and reschedule the booking, or definitively cancel it, refunding the total payment made for the booking.


Through this terms and conditions you accept that you cannot:

  • Copy or reproduce any part of the content in the website.
  • Resell any of the services offered.
  • Use the website with any other means except for booking activities.
  • Publishing fake information in the website.
  • Publishing or pass illegal, obscene, pornographic and inadequate information.
  • Charging or transmitting to our website a virus that may affect the normal functioning of our platform.

Denomades will be able to, without previous notice, change information, aspects and any other content in the website.

The website has third parties’ information (suppliers and other trademarks). If the user enters to the third parties websites, will no longer being using our online booking system, so it is assumed he or she has full responsibility for using these websites.

We will make a constant effort to keep our website available in every moment; however, we cannot assure that the access to the content will not be interrupted or affected by reasons of force majeure.

We are working constantly to avoid any kind of virus threats to our website; however, we cannot guarantee that it is free of them, so it is necessary that you have your computer safe before downloading information or documents from the website.

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Professional suppliers

We choose the best activities of professional local suppliers, to make sure that you have a safe, personalized and exceptional experience.

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We guarantee you that the price you will find here will not be higher than the one you will find in any other place. The booking is free and we have flexible cancellation policies.

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